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Thread: Nba Live 2004

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    Jan 2004
    its pretty good but some of the features are to in depth like creat a player it took me like 5 minutes each and in nba live 2003 there would be challanges you can complete to activate rewards now whe you get points you can buy a pair of shoes for your players to wear thats kinda crappy of a reward gameplay isn't too bad but there are way too many blocks and steals during the games which makes it a little unrealistic. I like the franchize mode its pretty fun so i rate the game a 4 0ut of 5 some improvements are needed but its not too bad

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    Dec 2003
    ummmm okay.......not really sure the point of this thread is.....the game came out quite a long time ago so....

    there arent too many block and steals, unless you keep bumping into your denfender.... what are you playing this on?

    if you're playing it on pc, you need a gamepad or else its kinda hard to shake the guy playing 'D'.

    the one thing i hate about this game though, is that when you want to go one on one w/ somebody, you player always drible sideways (like protecting the ball) instead of facing the defender so when you do a crossover, your player goes to the left or right, or even backcourt sometimes instead of going to the basket

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    i play it on ps2 and there are way too many blocks and steals and well i brought it up because i was bored


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