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Thread: Aston 1.9 Cracked

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    Aston shell is a powerful and flexible shell replacement
    application. Unlike many competing products, you do not have to have
    an expensive powerful computer to run Aston. Combining high speed and
    eye-candy it consumes less RAM, than default Windows shell and needs
    few processor resources. It is fast and stable, so you can save your
    computer's power for other tasks.

    Aston fully replaces standard Windows Desktop and adds numerous new
    - Nice looking, easily configurable interface;
    - Detailed configuration of any element;
    - Simple visual configuration;
    - Custom skins for all elements;
    - Ability to change system colors, icons and cursors;
    - Icons of any size and shape, animated and transparent icons;
    - Transparency and animation effects;
    - Plugins, adding new features to your shell;
    - Hotkeys for any actions (launching applications, URLs, minimizing
    Windows, etc...);

    Besides, Aston contains all elements of default Windows shell:
    Desktop, Taskbar, System Tray, Main Menu, etc...
    Aston is based on completely original code and it is not a clone of
    any other shell. Its code is highly optimized by speed and size.

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    The link gonna die soon, so hurry if you want it.


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