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Thread: Audioswap

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    AudioSwap is a peer to peer file sharing program that allows you to send and receive a variety of filetypes on OpenNap and SlavaNap servers. It's interface is similar to the popular mIRC chat program and the original Napster Client. It is one of the smallest file sharing clients available on the net.
    Adding to that, with new versions of AudioSwap being created, AudioSwap hopes to open a new door for P2P file sharing in the future, as time progresses new developments will break, and AudioSwap will grow. So please tell your friends about AudioSwap and how they can become a part of the AudioSwap community.

    AudioSwap is fast, simple, and easy to setup and involves no kind of sign ups, no banners, and no spyware in our software, Just download the program, enter your e-mail address and a user name, and you'll be connected to the online servers where you can share and download your favorite music files in no time!

    January 23, 2004

    AudioSwap uses the newest advances in file sharing technology to give you the most choices and lets you have more control over your file sharing experience.

    Ability to share and search for any filetype on servers

    New easy to use interface

    Extensive chat support. Including html.

    Resume Failed Downloads

    Complete support for opennap commands

    Intuitive error messages

    Ability to limit bandwidth

    Can search multiple servers at the same time

    Statistical bandwidth graphs

    Allows you to be contacted by anyone on any WinMX server (as long as they are all linked at that time)

    Additional Mod+ functions (clear channel, kill, kick, channel voice, channel unvoice, muzzle, unmuzzle, ban, unban, channel ban, channel unban, channel muzzle, channel unmuzzle)

    Installer is only 510k!



    Anyone tried this ?

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    Audioswap looks similar to Filenavigator(.com) - I think it is a modified version as Filenavigator offer this possibility. Generally, I think iti s a nice client to connect to Opennap Servers.


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