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Thread: New Kind Of Fakes? Undownloadable...

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    Just tonight I came across a strange occurance while trying to download some Yellowcard songs. Every file that came up under the search had the suspicious high bandwidth and tons of users, nearly every single file. When I tried downloading one, it wouldn't connect to the users, and wouldn't download. I searched under an entire album by the same artist and 90 percent of the song files that came up had that 715 bandwidth and the files would not download.

    I am wondering if this is some new attempt by the music industry to make it harder to download music on kazaa. Because just a few days ago, while downloading from the same artist, the results were not as they are now. And I know it is nothing to do with my computer. Just wondering what this is, and how I can avoid it.

    (Actually, just a minute ago, one of the successfully downloaded files opened up an internet page instead of playing, opening up a anyway something, but i closed it. I don't know what that's about, and I didn't know that mp3s could open up webpages)

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    your download speed depends on the # of sources for it and their upload speed, anddon't be fooled by what you see in the search window they are not an indication of who is available for connection so change supernodes to see if you get lucky, also use localized supernodes, also try changing ports, and lower your upload bandwidth,remove the no ip sources from your dat files and see if it helps

    pay attention to the red part

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    thanks, but i don't think it has anything to do with sources or anything like that. i've been using kazaa for a long time and haven't seen anything like this. immediately for all of the files, all of the users would have an immediate maximum bandwidth and when i looked at each user some were like 4292 2491, etc... so it seemed quite obvious that these were fakes. but the only difference was, instead of downloading the file and getting a fake, it simply wouldn't download from any of the users of these files. when i searched for completely different songs from different artists, none of these same things happened, it only seems to be with certain artists. i just don't know what it is. perhaps whoever has these files or is controlling them, has a way of preventing a connection to be made, therefore, no download. But what amazed me, was the expansiveness of the problem. almost all of the files were undownloadable except the ones that seemed "normal" like with very few users and lower-normal bandwidths. Just curious about this, but is still annoying when there are certain songs I want. Try this out. Under audio, and Album, type Ocean Avenue, and with the results that come up, see what happens, and try downloading two or three of the high bandwidth, high users ones, and see if you can... some of them download and are fakes, but most just won't download.

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    Just a thought and i may be way off on it. Made they don't download because the ip's are blocked from the K-lite banned ip ranges?


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