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    will deleting the index.dat file in internet temp files delete your history? is it safe to delete index.dat? will it make it so that i never have history, or will a new file just be made once i visit another site after deleting it?

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    You cant just delete index.dat and it will be recreated if you use programs to help you clean internet tracks. People mostly run the software once a month to clean index.dat
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    Is there any way to turn the history off completly in IE (like some box to uncheck to stop it)?

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    Set the meter to 0 days.

    And even if you delete index.dat, it&#39;s not really gone, just like any other file.

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    i just meant, would deleting it clear the history?
    and if you delete it, will it be created again but with no files in it?

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    It will delete History, IE prefs, Run / Find history, etc.

    This is pretty drastic, if you don&#39;t want history to be on, set it to keep records for the past 0 days.


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