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Thread: Windows Service Pack Installation Problem

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    hi ,
    i have windows xp home edition installed, i updated it with windowsxp service packs with windows update , then it asked for me to activate xp with in 30 day, so i have done a crack for it in the safe mode, which is also available online,{ i did cracked xp before also but then service pack is not installed then}but now when xp booting black screen with windows loading is appearing and its is restarting on the blue screen with user name . so anyone please please help me

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    maybe a safe mode or last known good configuration and try to fix it from there

    I'm not sure maybe you got a bad crack....

    Good luck

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    i have the same problem, i installed sp1 a few days ago on a cracked version of xp home and now i am back on my grace period-with about 20 days left. i cant really help you but i am going to reformat my hard drive and reinstall xp using the crack file after downloading sp1. i dont know if its going to work though

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    I have windows XP Pro Corporate and it is also cracked but I installed the SP1 and my XP machine works fine now. No problems what so ever.

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    Originally posted by LSA@23 January 2004 - 22:06
    I'm not sure maybe you got a bad crack....

    Better to re-phrase that I think.

    My friend had a similar problem the other day and as you said I booted into safe mode and applied the crack. Actually I have 2 different ones.

    After that it was fine and Windoze update worked as well.(Although he already had SP1)

    Where did you get your crack and what's it called?


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