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Thread: Emule

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    i have kazaa lite 2.43 and bittorrent shadow experimental, BT was introduced to me very recently and i am very happy with the download speeds. as a movie freak i would like to know would emule be of any advantage to me. if so can you please post a link of where i can get it from and does it have seperate search engines like BT, if so please can you post some of those aswell. thank you

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    if you like bittorrent speeds and that is what you want from a p2p then no emule isnt for you.

    Emule searches do not involve finding files off websites. You can do this in the program itself and is pretty fast IMO. Although you can find verified hashes like this board does...but those hashes only work for emule.

    Unless your willing to spend time and be patient (i mean really) then emule isnt for you. Otherwise if you can then there are rare and new movies on emule more than other p2ps, thats what i believe.

    Not sure why you didnt post this in the emule section... did you miss it?

    Im sure muscleman will come in soon to recommended another p2p till then ....

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    eMule is good but you need to be patient (well be willing to leave your computer on for long periods of time and eMule get on with things). You can also try Overnet which is very similar. I find eMule better to use than bittorrent (I get alot of connection errors from torrents and yellow light due to my firewall) but as is often the case these things vary from person to person.


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