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Thread: Modded Ps2

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    Back in the day, I used to mod my origional playstation. I'd follow the tutorials for making CD-R backups of my games and they'd still come out a little messed up.

    For instance, my Tony Hawk 2 game wouldn't play music correctly, so I had to disable it. Also, for RPG games, the FMV sequences would often freeze up.

    My question is how are your PS2 backups?

    1) Are they as good as the original (or close) (DVD Copy Technique)

    2) Are they downloaded games good quality (Dvd-rips from Mirc, etc.)

    3) If you had an original PS2 game and a copy of the same game, would you choose to play the copy over the original because it's just as good?

    I believe those questions are pretty clear. So what do you guys/girls think? B)
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    i think this should be in gameworld

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    Agreed, this isnt exactly hardware modding a ps2, which what most people probably think it is.

    Should be "backing up PS games" or something.

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    Gameworld might be better
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