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Thread: The Ring: Us V Japanes

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    I'm currently downloading the new hollywood version of The Ring and a friend is giving me the original japanese film on monday. I was wondering if there was anyone who has seen both versions and if so, which one do they recommend watching first. I've heard the japanese version is scarier and ultimately a much better film, but if i watch the US first I might spoil the original for myself but if i watch the original i might not enjoy the new film as much.

    Please someone help me before my head explodes


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    Why the h3ll did you post the exact same thing here in the Lounge and in Movieworld?

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    No point in double posting but the lounge and movieworld both suit his topic... though movieworld is better suited and haven't seen either of the movies so I gotta get it later.

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    No comment to make other than Larsson is god!

    God Bless No7

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    I was told the same thing. I think the US version was better. I just laughed at the japanese version. I didn't really find the movie that scary, kinda freaky, but not scary. I recommend the japanese one first, then the US. I did watch the US one first, so that may have spoiled it.


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