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Thread: The Ring: Us V Japanes

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    I'm currently downloading the new hollywood version of The Ring and a friend is giving me the original japanese film on monday. I was wondering if there was anyone who has seen both versions and if so, which one do they recommend watching first. I've heard the japanese version is scarier and ultimately a much better film, but if i watch the US first I might spoil the original for myself but if i watch the original i might not enjoy the new film as much.

    Please someone help me before my head explodes


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    I think that when it comes to re-makes and stuff it's always better to see the original first....thats my opinion.

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    As I said in the thread nikkid posted. if you liked the us remake, you will find that the japanese original is better and DEFINITLY have a better atmosphere in the original.(which they, IMHO have missed in the remake)

    So, again. If you watch the japanese version, at least see part one and two. if you are going to watch all three, WATCH part ZERO (yes 0) LAST, otherwise you have spoiled the movie.

    If you ask me, the remake is ok, but not even close to the original.

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    I watched it the other way round - first the US version, and then the Japanese original, but I wished I'd done it the other way round.
    Although I have to say, the US version is still a good movie, and it is certainly always more difficult to follow subs and take in the whole atmosphere at the same time.

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    the jap version is better and moreb simple to understand ,has anyone seen the korean version?

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    There is a Korean version? Didn't know that. Just found out that there was a Ringu 2 (released the same year), which I haven't seen yet either.

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    my friend said that the american verison was better made that the jap version. i haven't seen the jap version but i liked the american version, everything tied in together realli good

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    just to satisfy anyone's curiosity, these are the "ring" movies and television productions that i've heard of:

    ringu (japan, 1998)
    rasen (japan, 1998 - "loop," a parallel story to ringu released simultaneously to theaters)
    ringu 2 (japan, 1999)
    ringu 0 (japan, 2000)

    tv series:
    ringu - kanzenban (japan, 1995)
    ringu - saishuushou (japan, 1999)
    rasen - the series (japan, 1999)

    ring virus (korea, 1999)
    the ring (u.s., 2002)

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    Found and downloaded Ringu 2 - and posted it in the verifieds, if anyone is interested.

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    HELL-you will be too_$oon enough
    I didn't like either

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