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Thread: Music Songs

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    hey, i was wondering, there were a lot of songs that i liked where i really just wanted to listen to the instrumentals ONLY, and not the people singing or there a program or something i can download that takes a song and splits it up so that you can seperate the lyrics and the instrumentals seperatedly into different files or something? like for instance, with the new song by twista, i like how the background music sound, but i don't really care for the rapping, so what can i do? it's hard to find instrumentals on kazaa too....are they usually out on a cd or something? how can i get the "dj" versions of the songs?

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    That would be 99% no.
    I dont know such software.

    Search for this forum with a word Karaoke, you'll find more posts.

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    a well
    You can make your own instrumental.

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    yeah i know, but i want theirs, i mean, seriously, i can't believe there isn't one.....when you listen to radio stations sometimes you here the mc talking for a hella long time and they end up playing some kind of instrumental of the song...........right? how do they do it then?

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    Some promo-only singles from certain bands contain instrumental remixes of a song. These are sometimes only available to radio D.j.'s but they might be available to the public via C.D. singles or on vinyl.
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    Try running a search for 'Artist - Song - Instrumental' Should bring up some results. I have loads and I haven't needed extra software.

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    Some artists release their songs also as instrumentals and that is the only way to get it....

    There is no way to get the singing out of there using software, unless you get the hold of the artists mastertapes...

    You could however make loops of the part of the song which doesn't contain singing....


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