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Thread: Nat Problems

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    i have nat problems, can anyone help?

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    well, i have been looking at the issue myself. originally bit torrent was a great program. around the time i started to use azureus, my torrents slowed down. a little while longer, and any new torrents were always yellow. so it tells me i have NAT problems. i find a bit on port forwarding, but when i try config my router, i can't. my brother had messed all the defaults up so i couldn't get into the cofig program. i eventually got into, but it took forever because i hadn't done it before and the defaults setting to get into it were changed. it turns out, he was forwarding all the ports to himself... i changed it to forward to me, but i continued to get NAT problems. I then reseted to having no port forwarding, but it still didn't work. anyone have any advice for me?


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