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Thread: Suprnova

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    in the recent days (last 3-5 days) has suprnova lost ah hell of a lot of torrentws cause a m8 was getting 4 or 5 files includint KOTOR and POP2:SOT and now he says there not up on the sit any more but he saved them to his pc but they get no speed.

    whats happened?

    like he has 87% of city of god dvd rip but its not going anywhere now?

    PS whats the best torrent site for brand new games (he wants hidden and dangerous 2 and BF1942) well the second isnt brand new but u get the drift.

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    I think it did, I decided to go download me a movie, I had a choice of about 30... something definately happened.

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    I use a lot of the German Torrent sites for Console/PC games....I know they are in German but it doesnt take a Rocket scientist to work em out...
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    are the games in german tho?

    yeah cause iv ben trying to encode kill bill to kvcd but i couldnt do it and about 4 days ago there was a kvcd version of kill bill on suprnova now its gone so have alot of others. shall i tell my m8 to just deleate them because the downloads rnt gonna start up again or just wait and it will b back to nomal.

    and can i have some of ur german torrent sites plz

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    i decided that i was gonna download all the smallvilles and watch them, since series 3 was on suprnova i started downloading it first, (i wont dowload it if its not hdtv or pdtv). last nite there was 18 torrents, today there is only 10, its lost 8 torrents overnight, whats the deal withthis? they where really well seeded and properly named so y have they been removed?

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    if you go on to novasearch, you find ou they have lost quite a few, about 15000 i think it is

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    thx you God... i thought it was only me :

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    Yes, I was reading on their forums the other day how a bunch of their trackers went down, and that they're working on it, so don't worry it isn't permanent, ( I hope)

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    Yes, I realize that the number of torrents has dropped from 13 thousand to only about 2 thousand. SuprNova seems to be having some problems, and that's beyond my control. Sorry.
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    yeah, suprnova's torrents kinda gone
    i was going to download "that 70's show" season 3-5 torrents (i downloaded season 1 & 2 from the same place previously) when i realised that they just dun exist on suprnova's site anymore

    this prob seems kinda serious

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