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Thread: Pause During Scene Change Nero Help

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    When I split an .mpeg into 16 parts, burn with nero as a non-standard vcd, play in my stand alone dvd player or my computer, the movie always pauses during scene changes,....

    In nero I make sure to set the properties to "pause after track 0 seconds" (which I never had to do before) but, still the movie pauses during scene changes

    About a year ago I had no problems with splitting an mpeg into several parts, burning with nero in its default mode, The movie would always play strait thru (no pause).

    Nero settings are:
    Video CD
    Create standard compliant CD (Not ticked)
    Menu enabled
    Pause after track 0 seconds

    What is needed to stop the pause after scene changes?

    Can anyone help

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    Are you sure you've changed the properties for all files, not just the first one?

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    Yes, I hi-lighted all the movie files, 0 seconds all the way down


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    Come on, someone has to know

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    I use vcdeasy to make chaptors
    should check it out still has the free one posted in the tools section

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    Hey! muchspl2

    Thanks for the info, I am giving it a shot, Now I have to learn another software



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