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Thread: Kazza Lite

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    Any advice welcome. Can't get KL installed because I can't register on my computer. Wrong registration Key. Any advice

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    A registraction key for what? Windows?

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    Thread should go to Questions probably.

    Answer: KL does not require registration, just install it. If you need a key for Windows, have a look on [illegal link].

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    Did you get off a site?

    Or another scam.

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    You missed the pinned topic's.....

    You bought Kazaa Gold, Lite, Pal, Premium or any other version ?

    Kazaa and Kazaa Lite are both totally free programs. They do NOT require any subscriptions to be able to download with it. Not a single filesharing program has a subscription system.

    Kazaa Gold (or any other premium version) doesnt exist. It is an old version of Kazaa Lite which they have given a different name just to try to sell it to people.

    There are dozens of websites that use the popularity of Kazaa (Lite) to trick people in buying subscriptions and software from them.

    What to do?

    First thing that you should do is call your creditcard company to try to get your payments refunded. Also let them stop any monthly subscriptions fees that you have to pay.

    Where can I download Kazaa / K-Lite ?

    For a list of websites where you can download K-Lite

    To download Kazaa Media Desktop


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    Those stupid fool's
    Trying to trick us *sigh*


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