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    (if this belongs in hardwareworld, please move)

    Ok, I just want to make sure on this one... I'm adding a graphics cards, taking out the ram thats there and putting i two new sticks, and adding another hard drive. Now hard drive thats there now is not being touched, all I'm doing is adding another one. Now, my question is, will this have any affect on the data on my computer at the moment? I ust wanted to make sure before I do it and find that all the data on my computer has vanished...

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    no, all your goodies will still be there (on your original HDD)

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    If all you are doing is adding a hard drive and not touching the other one, there is no problem, your data will be intact. If you are hooking both hard drives on the same IDE cable just make sure that the one you have now is set to Master and the one you will add is set to Slave

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    Nice thats good to know. Thanks!


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