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Thread: Test Your Antivirus

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    AntiVirus Tester

    Windows 95/98/ME/NT4/2000


    The AntiVirus Tester is designed to invoke your antivirus to come into action. Some less accurate antiviruses even warn you about it as being a new backdoor. It's funny and I assure you it's not.
    AntiVirus Tester is a small utility to test your antivirus whether it is working fine or not. If your antivirus fails in test, it is a signal to you that your system is not protected in some way or other. Following figure show AntiVirus Tester at startup,

    You have to click just Test button and wait for the result. If your antivirus passes the test, you should not forget to test it again on events such as,

    1. You update virus database or entire antivirus files.
    2. You think something is wrong with your antivirus.
    3. You have just recovered from a virus infection.
    4. You think something is wrong there.

    Download from author

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    The download link on the home page doesnt work

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