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Thread: Splinter Cell Mission Pack

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    This game was released by DEViANCE for the PC. i have searched for information about this add on pack. there is nothing about it on legitimate game sites. not even the official splinter cell page has any info about this "Mission Pack". the only sites that have any info about are undergound P2P sites that give the DEViANCE nfo along with it

    Is this a Legit expansion, what is it.

    Its 757.65MB

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    Underground P2P sites are the only sites that have any info about it

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    It is a small add- on only three levels, not bad.

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    I think its the PC equivelant of those extra levels released for Xbox, Kola Cell etc.

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    Ok, but why is there no information about it on the actual Splinter Cell website, unless im blind and cant see it


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