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Thread: How Do You Create A Home Network?

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    I have a windows XP PC, an XBOX, and both are connected wireless-ly via 2 adapters and wireless router.

    I am trying to get my PC to talk to my XBOX. How do I ping my xbox to know it is communicating with it?

    I am trying to transfer music from my PC to my XBOX with Microsoft's crappy program XBOX MUSIC MIXER, and have had no success.

    So I am trying to figure out if my PC can even communicate with my XBOX at all and go from there?

    THanks for any help.

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    check on the xbox what the ip address is, then go to start>run>type cmd>ok>type ping <>>press enter

    then it will tell you what is happening in the command prompt window, and you replace the with teh xbox&#39;s ip address


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