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Thread: Would It Be Possible To Adapt The Search Options?

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    A lot of times, people get flamed for not using the search option before posing their question.
    However, what do you do if you have a question about ISO, Cue, or bin files?
    The' search doesn't work with three letters words.
    I like CSI, and would like to find some verifieds of "24"...
    Try searching for those.
    Is there a way around this?
    Not necessarily changing the boards software, but maybe we could agree on adding a letter or sign at the end of an axtension, so that it would pop up in a search.
    E.g. : Iso*, Cue*, bin*
    Would this work, and can we agree on something like that?

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    I have in mind that they changed the length to three, before it was four letters minimum. CSI etc works in searches, 24 OTOH does not, so a general extra char when posting things shorter than three chars might be a good idea.

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    You're correct!!
    Damn, should have checked before I posted.
    I hereby apologize to whomever changed the amount from four to three letters.
    Lowering it to two would be too much of a hassle, compared to the potential benefits, I think, so I'm satisfied. (for now )


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