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Thread: Duplicate Downloads

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    Hey people.
    I recently worked on a friend's computer,
    and as part of the cleansing, I uninstalled
    her ga3y version of Kazaa, and installed a
    somewhat older version of Kazaa Lite (maybe
    v1.7 or so).
    She called me up the next day saying that whatever
    she downloads gets duplicated. Occording to her, the file
    size and name is the same, and deleting either one results
    in the other being deleted as well.
    I have found one post on another site complaining of
    the same thing, but with no responses.

    Anyone here ever heard of that, or got any ideas?
    I plan to get to her place, and uninstall any traces of
    Kazaa (including the registry), but was curious if anyone
    knows for sure.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I can only suggest that you do what you were thinking and make sure all previous traces of Kazaa are removed with a clean install of new version of KLite. Suggest use 2.4.3 which was last official version. Maybe there is a problem with identifying which folder to go to and that is why it is duplicating.

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    Are you sure she's not talking about it being duplicated on the traffic screen? That maybe she clicked on the "+" to expand the sources and is seeing the same file being pulled from multiple sources and that she is cancelling one...thereby cancelling them all?

    I'm just saying.

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    you can run only one version of klite unless you know what you are doing, which from what i understand your friend is not one of those people.

    now go back do a clean install and also ask her if she is double clicking the files in search for download or right clicking and choosing "download"?? alot of time n00bs think they have db clicked but realy its been more than db


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