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Thread: Can Anyone Help Me With This?

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    hey all I thought this was the best place to post this, anyhow I have been off college for quite some time now because i am ill, was wondering if anyone could help me with this assignment i have been given as I dont have much clue about it, any help would be appreciated. Here it is -

    Task 1.

    Information systems:
    draw a block diagram of a typical information system,
    e.g. audio communication, instrumentation, process monitoring;
    qualitative description of how the electrical signals convey the system information;
    give an in-depth analysis of the system including, where applicable, transducers as energy converters, types of transducer, transducer output and accuracy;
    types of amplifier, typical gain, resolution of analogue to digital and digital to analogue converters, types of oscillators and operating frequencies;
    effect of noise on a system;
    determination of system output for a given input

    Task 2.

    Energy flow control systems:
    draw a block diagram representing an energy flow control system,
    e.g. ac electric drives, dc electric drives, heating, lighting, air conditioning;
    give an in-depth analysis of a control system to include, where applicable, the transistor as a switch, thyristor, temperature sensing devices, humidity sensing devices, speed control elements for dc and ac machines, dimmer devices and relays;
    determination of system output for a given input

    Thanks in advance for any help

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    No need to tell you. IF you don't know Google, then I have a thought you're about to meet your best friend


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