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Thread: Fake Downloads

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    i do not know where to post this.

    fake file

    GTA VICE CITY (full version no bullshit).exe 274,016 kb

    this file is not gta, do not download it.

    the game in this file: DeltaForce Task Force Dagger

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    Yet to be determined
    More than half of the files on Kazaa are fakes.

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    Ofcourse a 260MB it's not the real GTA !
    How can it be ? It's too small. It has to be at least 600MB
    Am I right ?
    It's a little hard to detect the fakes that are not movies...

    There is no Avipreview for software....

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    dont download off fasttrack..its the home of the RIAA!!!!
    and screechy mp3's etc


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