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Thread: Omfg Stupid Desktop Icons

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    k the other day i was in da shower and my "not-so-internet-wise" friend decided to look up sum "instant access" sites.

    when i came back he quickcly pressed alt f4 and thort i wouldnt find out, but hes so stupid he doesnt realise that theres a history button. lol.

    anywayz i have this STUPID fuc#(*@Y instant access desktop icon on my desktop, and i delete it everytime i restart buyt it keeps coming back.

    Iv done about 3 online virus searches, ran ad-aware 6 about 3 times, and done about 2 online spyware checks,

    and they all didnt pick it up.!!

    so how the hell do i get rid of it

    Find target: C:\WINDOWS\system32\rundll32.exe EGDHTML_1029.dll,InstantAccess /D

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    Try Spybot Search and Destroy
    get here
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    That is so annoying yeah do what kaiweiler said but I don't know if they can be considered as "Spy Program" since your friend agreed to it and it was his choice to download it. A Spyware programe goes into your computer without your knowledge but this one your friend agreed to cannot be a spyware since he pressed the "YES" button.

    This may sound stupid but did you try "Add or Remove Programs" in the control panel because you have to completely remove it from the system first. When you got rid of it tell us how you done it and what program you used to destroy the little bastard.

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    lol yer i tried the uninstall thing incontol panel
    k im downloading spybot search and destroy, it sounds fimiliar, i think i ran it b4.

    ill let you know the results

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