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Thread: Unbelievable

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    Can you believe that there is no one out there that has any info on AoM? I think I have stumped everyone. Should be some kind of prize for this. If you have any idea as to how I can locate the AoM game, please share your precious info. Thanks!

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    hi Markil

    Just done a search for AoM on the emule network and there is quite a few with it at the moment.

    I would place a link on here for you but am not sure how to do that.

    i hope i was of help.

    Top Game!!!

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    Thanks! I had tried emule earlier in the week and could never get a connection. I saw several files, but couldnt make the hook up. Ill try again. Thanks.

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    Well, I installed the latest emule. Updated, connected, searched, and when It connected, sat there for 35 minutes waiting. So I just gave up! Maybe next year

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    Just go out and buy it, it's a pretty good RTS game.. If I still had my copy that I bought I would make a copy and share it..

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    With Emule you have to be patient as there is a queing system, once the download starts the chances are that it will download at a constant rate form that point onwards.

    Those who wait recieve the reward of recieving what they want to download and desire, patients is the virtue!

    Need to wait a bit longer than 35 mins and its not good idea to count the minutes as this will just frustate you further.

    As it has been said many times on this forum, Emule is a application whereas you need to start and leave alone for a day, i do believe if you can leave it running over-night, you get your downloads alot quicker.

    Good Luck!!!


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