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Thread: Problem During Installation

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    I have Windows XP Pro and had version 2.4.3 of K++ working on my computer. I downloaded the 4.45 MB (K-Lite 2.6 nsane edition set up) because wanted to test this newer version (of a most recent Kazaa Media Desktop). This installer includes the "magnet.exe" and the "Kazaa.exe" necessary for K-lite. I choose perform a clean installation of KMD in the installer options. Everything seems to be fine but, when the installation is completed I double click the K-Lite icon and the following message appears.

    "Kazaa has detected that some required components are missing, perhaps due to not rebooting after installation.

    We suggest you try rebooting, and if you still get this message, please re-install Kazaa.

    Kazaa will now close"

    I rebooted but that doesn't solve the problem. I removed K++ and re-installed K-Lite. I installed K-lite over K++. I downloaded the vbrun (that I had already). I cleaned every trace in the registry and every K++ folder. Nothing seems to help. Does anybody knows what are the "missing files"? I checked in the search function and in previous posts but I didn't find anything. Sorry if this is pre-posted and I didn't find it in the forum. Thanks :helpsmile:

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    I'm not sure why you downloaded a "vbrun" as you should have full package for install, and which version have you now installed? I've not heard of the version you tried to install but suggest with something that is known to work - such as 2.4.3, or Clean KMD. You should fully uninstall again, remove all traces, run adaware, and then install updated version.

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    don't use 2.6 its not complete, stay with 2.4

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    I'll stay with version 2.4.3 because it works. I just wanted to see if there was any difference in the number of sources/download speeds because of the "more supernodes" or "new supernodes" issue that some people mention in the version 2.6 of Kazaa Lite. But anyway thanks for helping me. I will wait for a more "tested" version of the 2.6 version. Thanks

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    i have both on my pc and i tell you i can't realy see a difference yet, i recommend klr 2.4.8


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