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Thread: The Butterfly Effect

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    Is it any good?

    Im going with my girl on tuesday to the movies and she wanted to watch The Butterfly Effect. So is it any good? If not what other movies can we watch that's good?

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    I herd mixed reviews, mostly good, mostly
    supposed to be a real head trip, quantum theory and all

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    i saw it with my girlfriend on saturday. i liked it although some of it can be very surprising in a good and bad way. its not really a head trip but we both thought it was very good.

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    I think this is one of the best movie I seen in years I mean it pretty original I never seen nothing like it and what's cool about it keeps you thinking what if so I would definitely say go see it its a GR8 movie.
    [ gs removed the sig, it was 1455.14 KB lol ]

    HELL YEAH!!!!!!

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    awsome movie

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    newsgroup people go here now if you want it
    alt.binaries pens & pencils
    they have the fugitive release, not quite as good as along came polly but deceit release


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