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Thread: Can You Use Bsplayer Or Wm9

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    Hello, I download video clips and wanting to peek VideoLan aint that great but about using BS player or windows media 9 for a previewer will that work?

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    I do not think you can, you have to use AVI Preview or Video Lan, as far as I know, there may be a few others but windows media player 9 is a NOT.

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    Heh well I tried Bsplayer, it asked for a file format so i guess it doesnt work...

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    Like Firefox said I think you can only use Videolan on top of AVI preview, but that should work okay. problem is you need enough downloaded to preview and if you're talking about music videos then they may not be long enough to give you a chance to preview before they complete.

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    VideoLan does not need Avipreview to open files.
    If you can't preview a file from within Avipreview, take note of the file name (number) and open it with VideoLan instead. It will then play if it's not corrupt or fake.

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    you can use Winamp to preview some files, i ahve found it effective when other applications have failed
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