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Thread: Open Selected Url

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    Great if you visit forums that do not allow "direct linking" to files !
    Select a plain-text URL (not a link), then Right-click and open the page.
    Automatically converts URLs like h**p:// etc into correct syntax.

    OPEN SELECTED URL openselectedurl_1_readme.txt
    Summary : Handy Internet Explorer Context Menu Extension thingy
    Version : 1.61 - 15 Aug 2003 (same code as v1.6 13 July 2001)
    Author : JohnC - -
    Licence : Freeware, but I'd appreciate **** and money
    Requires : Windows 95/98/98SE/NT4/2000 (see install notes re: XP)
    : Internet Explorer 5 browser (should also work in IE4)
    : *May* also work in IE-based browsers eg: AOL, NeoPlanet

    The Bottom Line :
    No more copy / pasting of URLs from web pages !
    1. Select any text on the page (doesn't need to be a link)
    2. Right click with the mouse
    3. Choose "Open Selected URL" from the context menu
    4. A new window will popup with the new url loaded !

    That sounds a bit boring - can it do anything else ?
    a. Works automatically for http:// and ftp:// and news: URLs

    b. Converts "sneaky URLs" into normal ones :
    hxxp or h**p to 'http'
    fxp or f*p to 'ftp'
    w*w or *** to 'www' (new in v1.6)
    - and it's easy to add more, see Modification notes

    c. Handles and fixes typographical errors in http & ftp URLs : htp:/ htp:// http:/ ftp:/

    d. Converts \ BackSlashes to / ForwardSlashes : (eg: http:\\ is opened as

    e. Strips out spaces, dots, linebreaks, tabs, table cells & other wierd characters from inside the selected text string.

    f. Still works if URL is partially selected (quite easy to do accidentally &#33 eg: :// opens

    g. If no '://' found in the text, it adds http:// to the start (eg: is opened as

    h. Handles private server logins both HTTP and FTP (eg:

    i. Handles email addresses, and opens default email program

    j. If the selected text does not contain any . (dots) or is otherwise impossible to resolve, it will give a friendly error message rather than opening an invalid URL. The error message appears next to cursor, & disappears automatically.

    k. Easily modified to accept other URL types (eg: telnet://)

    l. Probably also some other stuff that I have forgotten

    Webpage :

    Type of URLs that can be converted :

    Download :

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    B) wow- thmalsj :music1: : :helpsmile:

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    Nice for IE.

    There is already a plugin for MyIE2
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    Originally posted by Legolas@21 February 2004 - 06:55
    B) wow- thmalsj :music1: : :helpsmile:
    I see that u r have mixed opinions concernin&#39; the above software.
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