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Thread: Windows Xp Pro Shutdown

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    Using XP pro with all upgrades etc, when logged on to K lite (or any other file sharing program) I have a blue error screen always coming up advising windows has shut down....Does anyone have an answer to what is happening. I am running Norton IS 2003 (AV & Firewall). Cant think of anything that would cause the blue screen error message which when I go into it further Windows help advises it is a device driver error. Please help as I am at a stalemate with this problem. :helpsmile:

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    go here and run panda av, make sure system restore is been disabled, run adaware, also make sure you have all the driver updates.

    before you do any of the above, uninstall klite and delete the db folder and the kazaa folder from program files

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    I have done all that you suggested so far, however I have been unable to locate "panda av" from your link. Where is it located. I did a search and still could not find anything called panda av?


    P.S....I found Panda....will try your answer and get back if this does not work.


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    OK....any more suggestions. I have done what you suggested in full, and as soon as I re install K Lite within 10 mins I have the same blue screen windows shut down error message. The message reads as follows:

    Technical Info:
    Stop:0x000000D1 (0x00000008,0x00000002,0x00000000,0xf76f7dc9)

    NDIS.SYS - ADDRESS F76F7DC9 base at F76E5000

    Then, when windows is restarted there is an XP message saying that the system has recovered from a serious you wish to send etc etc. When I go in and look at teh error details, this is what it comes up with:

    BCC code:dl BCP1:00000008 bcp2:00000002 bcp3:00000000 bcp4: F76f7dc9 overs:5_1_2600 SP:1_0 product:256_1

    Files: c:\windows\minidump\mini010604-01.dmp

    Does this make any sense to anyone.

    I have only just had this computer built, with Intel motherboard, 1024mb ram, 2.8 intel processor, and all the same programs I had on my old machine. Kazaa lite ran perfectly on the old machine which had XP pro etc etc etc and all Norton stuff as well. I get the same blue screen shutdown when I had overnet and/or Edonkey as well, but when all the file sharing programs are not running, the blue screen error never occurs, which leads me to the assumption that there must be some kind of compatibility problem??? I think....

    Please help...this is driving me MAD :helpsmile: :helpsmile:

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    hmm not sure it could be your firewall, do you have all the updates from microsoft for your xp???

    if so, then it could be something with your ram and chip set or memory, i'm not sure it could even be a driver problem

    try uninstalling your firewall and see if you get this problem again. try our software world for more and better answers


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