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Thread: Installation Problems

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    Used to have Kazaa media Desktop installed, but have since uninstalled and ran Adaware to remove the crap.

    During installation of Klite26rc12, I get the message "error! removing ad/spyware failed"

    Uninstalled Klite26rc12, deleted klite folder under application data, ran regvac.

    Tried installing cleankmd260, and klite26pr1ne but keep getting the missing components error.

    Please help!!

    Has the filthy KMD260_en.exe placed a hidden key in the registry preventing me from running the clean versions??

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    first of all the 2.6 is not complete and does not have the extensions, install the klr 2.4.8, second try deleteing the kazaa folder from program files and then do a clean install, i belive you deleted the db folder but you should delete the klite folder also then run adaware then install with new registry


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