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Thread: Splitting Files

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    I have a couple of files that I need to take off a little bit on the end (from about 725 MBs down to 715 or so) and I want to have them playable in a regular player like winamp (basically creating new .avi or .mpg files). I tried using a program called split and that works to reduce the size, but I have to watch the movies in AVI preview which would be fine excpet for the wait.
    I also have movies where I need to split it in larger chunks (from about 900 MBs to app. 700).
    What is the best program to split the files?

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    VirtualDub. excellent program for editing, splitting and joining AVI files. just make sure that you set both video & audio to "direct stream copy" so it just cuts the file and doesn't re-encode it. even better, there's a modified version called Nandub, which works correctly with movies that contain variable bitrate mp3 streams (the regular VirtualDub throws the audio out of sync, if you use it to cut/splice VBR mp3s).

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    i just wanted to say you don't have to worry bout anything when spliting and joining mpeg. For avi im not so sure espesially divx as it has entropy all over, if there are frequent keyframes its not such a big problem.

    i've been using copy/b for 'directing' with mpeg, just adding some ambient sound l8


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