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Thread: Dvd To Vcd

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    Follow this guide

    At step 4 instead of choosing Make Bin/Cue Image select Make Mpeg Files.

    Also de-select Delete temp files.

    I would just like to say the guide was not created by me but the bit under the website is made by me.

    After your Mpeg files have been made you may find they are too big to put onto one vcd, so you will need to split them using TMPGEnc.

    The splitting guide also wasn't made by me.

    Hope this :helpsmile: s some people!

    Any questions just pm me.

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    thanks dude will try some time
    Those who dont learn from the past are doomed to repeat It.

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    a friend used this software before (maybe a previous version), if it still uses vstrip to rip then its lame. vstrip has probs with some dvds, it doesnt /didnt rip the sound properly. you get chunks of it missing. Easy vcd was also very slow, took twice as long as other software to convert.

    They may have made improvements since my friend used it, but nevertheless i think there are better software out there than this all-in-one package.


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