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Thread: Minidv Camera To Svcd

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    Hey all, I've got a Canon ZR-60 MiniDV (NTSC) digital camera that I want to take the video footage from and eventually burn it onto an SVCD. Problem is, I can't find any decent capturing programs. I used Windows Movie Maker, but knowing Microsoft, that probably isn't the best program to use. Plus, once I got the video onto the HD, Adobe Prmeire wouldn't recognize the video file. After checking out making an SVCD in Nero, they told me I needed an MPEG2 encoder - but I can't seem to find anything decent on the net. Can anyone recomend a good decoder, or maybe some tutorials on how to make an SVCD, etc. I'm not computer illeterate (by far), but I've just never tried this before. Thanks for your help.

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    are you willing to pay for sodtware to convert to mpeg,so you can burn to svcd? if yes. i use cucusoft avi2vcd which costs about $25.There are several versions available, but all can be d/l for a trial copy ,which lets you convert 1min of footage so you can try b4 you buy.It also converts the audio and multiplexes it to the video so eveything in sync? i purchased it after trying the TMPEGenc which is a freebie,but you have to decompress audio first.but i,m not a pc whizz, so i took the easy option and purchased cucusoft thing i ever bought,then again its the only software on my pc ,that i did buy!you,ll find cucusoft at "znet" in the d/l section.wish you luck?

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    I reccomend for video capturing Ulead VideoStudio 7. Set it to capture in DVD format. Once you capture the entire segment you want, it will create a Mpeg-2 file. This file is easily editable in Adobe Premier 6.5 (and more than likely other versions).
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