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Thread: Video Is Too Slow

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    Whenever I try to play a certain type of video, it goes really slowly, the sound is ok, so the episode goes out of sync, I have downloaded previous episodes and they were fine. I tried to free up some ram but that didn't help.
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    You need to give specifics to get help. What type of file? (avi, mpeg, ogm) What's your system's spec? What player are you using? What codec(s)/codec-pack are installed? What's the movie codec? etc.......

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    sometimes Mpeg files are shit and poorly encoded i hate them they are too big in size and ppl don't encode Propaly i prefer AVI i can encode myself how I like it

    sometimes certain players or codecs course the problem i normally use video lan because it plays anything there is if it plays perfect in there you know that its not the file if it doesn't play good you know for sure the file is fucked Video lan has its own codecs.

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    If you have a low spec system it would struggle to play high quality video. But sometimes the codec is at fault, you may need to re-install the codec if this is the cause.

    one of my pc's (i have three) has a 733 Mhz celeron processor and it has the probs you mentioned when playing dvd quality xvid movies because of the compression ratio. (it has to do too much work decompressing).


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