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Thread: Auto Search More

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    i have klite 2.6 pr1 but it doesnt have a no limit search option in the auto search more. Does anyone know if this feature will be added and if it will be integrated into the skin like klite k++ 2.4.3?

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    Why would you need endless asm? you trying to slow down our supernode? Just set it to a higher value.

    It will be integrated soon enough

    btw RC12 is now out and features alot of fixes and the ASM works on ALL tabs and the method used to obtain the startpage is different and more effient

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    ok thanks.

    but the reason i wanted asm because the option for searching for more sources in the downloads area is not as effective as if i had more sources in the original search because it turns up more sources. that way my download can finish and its not just left there to keep searching for a couple days untill i find a good source to download from. most sources give me like 1kb a sec and even on a 56k thats sucks (i will download from 4-5.5kbps) so the more the better.

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    RC14c is latest, the ASM is integrated aswell

    The amount of search results has nothing to do with the speed on the downloads


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