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Thread: Bit Torrent

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    i read on this forum that bit torrent version 3.3 has spyware within the program, is this true?

    Thanx in advance.

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    Yes, i read that somewhere in these threads. But even if you dl it, i suppose if you had S&D & ad-aware you should be able to clean it. To be on the safe side stay away & go for something like shadow as thats kinda neat.

    here's the dl link:~


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    This ONLY applies to the version you get from a popup on SuprNova.

    The original which Maximus posted a link to is completely free of spyware.
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    Cool............. thanx for that guys.

    By the way that link doesn't work.

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    Try any of these clients...and my links work

    Shadows Experimental


    Youll need Java runtime environment installed to run Azureus


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