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Thread: Vcd From Xvid Download

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    I've just downloaded the new ring movie which required the latest Xvid codec in order to play in the various media players I have installed. I want to make a VCD for a friend so that he can watch it oh his DVD player but when I try to make a VCD using Nero it spits out the following series of errors:

    'Analysis of the file found

    - stream encodin which is invalid for a video CD
    - no video
    - no audio'

    I realise that there will be some sort of conversion involved before I can create a VCD so I was wondering if anyone out there has an idea of exactly whats involved?



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    Use TMPGenc to encode the avi to mpg. Warning: the new mpg will most likely be larger than 700MB (what you can fit onto a regular CD-r) so you might have to split it into two discs. If you have any more questions, post them here and read the guides and tutorials caerfully. If you are still confused, post here. Good luck

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    Thanks Shini, i dont know if you've seen the rip of The Ring but its really good and I dont really want to reduce the quality or resolution so it looks like I'll have to split the movie into 4 cd's!!

    Ah well, rather the cost of 4 cd's than a trip to the cinema!!


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    Well, if you have a DVD burner, DVD-r(w)'s and a program to convert vcd's to dvd's, then you can make a DVD out of it. I'm experimenting with that right now but haven't had time to burn the final DVD yet. Good luck with your experience.

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    Donīt encode movies to vcd with Nero cause it sux,use TMPGenc which gives much better quality and takes less time then Nero.
    Just use Nero to burn it to vcd when you have encoded your movie with TMPGenc.

    Also see if your movie have AC3 sound codec which you can see with a program called Virtual Dub and if the movie have AC3 it looks like this:

    If it says "Unknows Tag" then the movie have AC3 sound and you canīt encode a movie with AC3 sound direct to vcd so you have to make a wave of the AC3 sound with this guide:
    Convert AC3
    You can use this for Xvid too,not only DivX.

    Also if you want to encode a xvid movie then you have to change the enviromental settings in TMPGEnc which you will find in
    Option-->enviromental settings" and change them like this:

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    great information crack_man although i personaly decompress the audio first with avi audio decompressor don't use avi2vcd to convert the file to mpeg it does a lousy job, but the audio decompressor in the avi2vcd program file works great . when you decompress the audio the avi file will get larger don't worry after you decompress this file with tmpgenc it gets smaller.. here is a link for some other tools and more info... the decoding of the avi to mpeg is an all night affair so set it up and goto bed P.S> Don't forget to leave kazaa running.. B) B)


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