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Thread: Bit Torrent

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    Can you install it without having to donate?

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    Yes you can
    What version are you trying to install?

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    shad0ws and based on shad0ws core seem to give the best speeds

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    ABC is da joint!!

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    yes you can, to ways , install shawdow bt, abc bt etc

    or just click yes to donate, to say you have & it stops

    well i think i do my donations in uploading & sharing

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    You don't have to donate. Only the original client asks you if you want to though.
    Try a more capable client.

    They don't ask a damn thing. ABC is based on Shadow's. Shadow's is a really good client, but not for a lot of dloads. And you can set TorrenStorm to use Shadow's too, but I seem to get the best speeds with azureus.

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    if i have shadows can i download the ABC?

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    You will be able to have Shadow&#39;s and ABC on your computer but you would have to select which client to download the torrent with.

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    Well for newbies Bt is the best thing since slice bread, but as you go on, you realise it actually naff compare to shadow bt.

    I wonder how much the guy makes from mugs?

    imagine /&#036; 1 etc donated from millions, he make a mint


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