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Thread: Good Free Re-dialer For Adsl

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    I hope I'm not doing a mistake by posting this here, I just thought you guys might be interested...

    I have found a great freeware for ADSL users. It's called ADSL Autoconnect. It's a Re-Dialer, that keeps your PC online 24/7.

    No more IP disconnecting you every 24 hours, you can go on holydays or away for the week-end, and your PC will stay connected as long as you want.

    This soft can auto-load with Windows or be set manually ot according to a schedule you choose.

    BUT... It's in FRENCH. I've just sent an email to the programmer, to ask if an english version is on tracks. Until it's released, french-speaking guys really should go check


    As for the others, I can try to help you with the settings if you want.....

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    Hmm, looks spyware or other p*rndialer shit


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    Greetings to you, wOOfer.

    What do you mean by spyware ?

    I Dl and installed the soft, it works fine. I also ran Spybot and Ad-Aware , like everytime I Dl sthg, and they didn't find anything...

    What makes you so suspicious ? (well, I know, you're never too careful)...
    If you have had bad experience with that kind of prog, plz let me know.

    Anyway, I don't GUARANTEE this program, I just thought it was worth the try.

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    windows already has its own built in redialling system... y use a diff 1?

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    Well, I can't say i'm entirely satisfied with XP'redialling system...
    I still get disconnected

    Don't you ?

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    Originally posted by jobauer@29 January 2004 - 05:02
    Don't you ?
    On a given day or given circumstance, you think you have a limit.
    And you then go for this limit and you touch this limit and you think "Ok, this is the limit".
    As soon as you touch this limit, something happens and you suddenly can go a little bit further.
    With your mind power, your determination, your instinct and the experience as well, you can fly very high.

    - Ayrton Senna, R.I.P.

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    i never get disconnected on dsl..

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    Hi guys,

    sorry for the delay, I was away from my pc.

    Anyway... What i was saying is that the (here, at least), the IP disconnects you every 24 hours, and there is nothing the XP redialer can do about that. So, every 24 hours, i have to re-connect my pc to the internet.... And that's boring...

    BUT, the soft i was talking about can automatically disconnect then re-connect you on a schedule, like every 12 hours in my case. So, once I turn on my pc, I enable the soft, and it takes charge of my connection, dis/re-connectiong me every 12 hours (that takes less 5 seconds). I don't have to do a thing, and I'm wired 24/7...

    I hope you now see what I meant...

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    my adsl never disconnects me

    and even if it did, windows automatically reconnects me

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    Waou.... you're lucky

    Here in France, your provider gives you a new IP adress every 24 hours, so you get disconnected at that time, and have to reconnect.. Or so I think....

    I thought it was the same for everybody (and kinda feel stupid now ).


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