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Thread: Double Speaker System Hooked Up

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    Today i tired hooking up took sets of speakers with sub woofers to my computer and it worked..

    Could there be any problems down the road can my sound card handle it?

    What i did is take a head phone cable that has to female to one make and hooked both of them into it and then plugged it in to my sound card. works so far.

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    you shouldnt have any problems, im doing the same thing, i have two sets of speakers plus a pair of headphones hooked up.

    the speakers have amplifiers in them so they wont be draining anymore energy from the soundcard.

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    Hmm not so sure about that, it depends what the ohms of the speakers to the ohms of you amp, if pre amp should be ok, if not i'd unhook straight away before you blow the amp or speakers.

    I'll look into it later today & get back, if i get the info

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    also depends on how he hooked them up parallel vs series raises and lowers the ohms
    hooking two 8ohm speakers could give you 4ohms or 16ohms

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    i theory this seem good at first but however im not thinking of getting a head phone extention coard and using the speakers as sound when i watch movies through tvout.


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