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Thread: Need Help On A Audio Cd

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    I was at a party yesterday and this guy had a power hour cd
    power hour is a drinking game and every time the music changed you take a shot of beer
    they songs were edited to one minuet then it would play the next one so on and so on.
    what would be the easiest way to take a group of songs (say 60 or so) and quickly edit one minuet
    i would just copy homeboys but he left town today

    I guess I could use db poweramp or sound forge just seems like alot of effort, hoping there a easier app just to do what I want
    any ides welcome

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    I would use something like Cool Edit Pro 2.0

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    use cool edit pro and cut bits a pieces of the song up you want you could even loop 10 seconds of say for example a songs chorus 6 times then that will give you 1 minute

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    just to clarify want a hour long cd (or so)
    I fugues 60 songs from the very beginning to 60 seconds in
    guess I want a non existent magic program


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