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Thread: Gotta Love Silent Alarms And Response Times. :)

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    ...Glass tubes all look alike from the inside.
    Having been woken up at the ungodly hour of 5:40am by a sound which my semi-slumbering self mistook for a premature armeggedon, i can honestly relate to people that say you have to be stupid to raid a shop.

    Look out my window to see a white car reversing out of the doorway of the Marks & Spencers across the street. (For those of you outside the U.K, M&S is a basically a chain of small supermarkets that only sell "Own-brand" products - and are a little pricier than most of the other supermarkets. Why people shop there, i don't know.)

    Well, fair enough, i thought, and flopped back into bed. A minute later, i hear a car thundering up the road. Take a look - and 'lo and behold, the car is back again, parked outside my house. Ok, so this got my curiosity - so i sat there watching. After a few moments, the idiots accelerate back into the shop. Now, to understand why this wouldn't work, you have to appreciate the layout of the shop. There's only one entrance into, or out of the shop grounds. The building itself is square, with its entrance consisting of a small square extension on the near corner. In order to get into the shop itself, you have to go through that entrance, and turn right to go through a second set of doors. Try doing that encased in a ton of rolling metal with glass and flower bouquets underwheel. Somehow, they manage to get the car inside.

    Now, by this time the fire dept's first unit was trundling up the road in response to the stores silent alarm, the police cruising along behind them. The "Bad Guys" ™ saw the blue flashing lights, and immediately try to reverse out. The driver couldn't get the car to turn enough in the foyer to actually back out. Not that it would help - the driver of the (much larger and heftier) fire truck simply drew up outside the door and barricaded the gits inside. 6 tons of fire equiptment will be problematic for anyone to get past. The solution?

    Well, according to these guys, that would be "Hit the accelerator, plough through the shop and hope theres another exit at the other side". Boys, remember to do your research first. There's now a small white car embedded in the wines section, an almighty mess to clear up, and a couple of losers in police custody.

    What i find amazing about this, is *WHY* did they come back after they obviously had trouble the first time? Did it not cross their minds that the police might actually be on their way? or that bieng on a mixed residential/commercial estate, there would be a lot of witnesses? And how can you not notice the fact that there is only one way in or out of the shop grounds? damn recipe for failure, that.

    Oh, and then the shops delivery lorry turned up - so there must have been staff on site as well.

    But i guess it goes to show why they're raiding supermarkets at twenty to six in the morning. Showing that level of ineptitude, they'd probably get fired from any decent job in days. If they got past the interview.

    Don't mind me - rambling. Getting woken up to the sound of crashing glass and metal kinda makes you grumpy. And incoherent. Among other things. Really. And my hands are cold... what on earth possesed me to go out there in this weather? What the hell, im getting a drink. :guinesssmile:

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    Damn.Would of loved to seen that.

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    Fools, I would have loved to have seen that, especially when the fire truck blocked them in and they tried to drive through the shop


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