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Thread: Anyone Heard? ....

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    The New Freestyle By Eminem?

    Its on the Invasion part 3 Mixtapes and is track 3 ....
    I think its amazing!, and have had it on repeat since yesterday, lol.

    Its real fast and he addresses the issues of the racist tape, him being placed in the source simply to sell, and over him being called fake and his use of english vs slang ...

    I have unloaded it so if ya want it ... check out the music section of ma forum

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    Where can I get it? I downloaded some songs by him a week or two ago,never really listened to them until the other day.I never realized how much he hated Jaq rule.I laughed my ass of when he started cuuting him up.
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    Ive uploaded the songs, with links to download on my forum. Call it bribe?

    This track is without a doubt, the best EmInEm song ever though


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