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Thread: Log On Problems

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    I will tread very softly in here, because I am frightened. Most of you will know me as Bigboab. Let me explain the problem that I have on this board, with software, I think:

    1. I can log on as Bigbboab and read the board.

    2. I cannot , post, read members details etc, as bigboab.

    3. When I try to do this I am automatically 'logged out' and get the message
    'end this process now' sort of thing. This initially only happened late at night. Now it has happened this morning.

    4. I have done all this. contacted Microsoft. They say that my IP has been 'blocked'

    5. I have contacted the board, as yet no reply.

    6. I have now logged in using my sons username, my computer, same IP, last night and now, everything OK so far. I have tried Bigboab this morning, does not work!

    Here is an addition to the above problems. I went to look at information on soulseek. When I came back on to the board. I was logged out as bigboab.

    Does anyone have any ideas what the problem could be? Thank you.

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    Issue brought to the attention of 7thElement.

    Did you try clearing your cookies, probably not the issue but check into that until an answer arrives.
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