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Thread: Omg S-5.8.7

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    version 5.8.8 can be downloaded from here

    does anyone know what exactly has changed? 5.8.7 has worked fine for me ever since I got it

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    man you gotat be slow it says changes right there on the site you dl it from
    if you wanna know more about teh changes i guess you could look at the source code since its open source
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    thnx for the update

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    -LATEST VERSION: S-5.8.8-

    engine bugs fixed
    bad tracker bug squashed
    NOTE: Corrupted downloads may be caused
    by bad RAM in your computer!
    (and yes, the client includes enhancements
    from official v.3.3)

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    Cheers all, anyone know if it's spywhare free?

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    dammit, wish they could make a one-windowed one

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    Originally posted by Maximus359@28 January 2004 - 16:08
    Cheers all, anyone know if it's spywhare free?
    SHADOW's client has always been free of spyware.

    It's cool that this client updated, even though I don't use it anymore, but when SHADOW's is updated, the other clients aren't too far behind. Especially since more than one use it as it's downloader core.

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    Yep inline with that Abc have released a new version 2.6.2

    It&#39;s not on the main site , its probaly because the orginal programmer choopan has stoped and has a new programmer Dustin Pate, but you can download it from
    If you a got popup stopper or download manger turn them off as theywont allow you to access the download links.

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    Title of this thread ays 8.7 new version is 8.8.

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    w00t&#33; shad0ws is and always will be the best&#33;&#33;&#33; no matter if someone uses it&#39;s core it is the original shadows trhat is why i use it

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