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Thread: Whats Going To Happen To Kazaa Lite

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    [SIZE=14] i have kazaa lite version 2.4.3 and their not making any new versions because they've stopped it. I am worried that sooner or later it will be kicked off the net work and all kazaa lite users will have to use some other program. Am i just being paranoid. but what is the future of kazaa lite. I've found a k-lite legal and a k-lite but you need to pay for them. and when ever i search for kazaa lite i get an automated complaint message from sharman network. I just want to know the future of the real kazaa lite. oh by the way.... i love these smilies.

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    i think it will just eventually die, file users are becoming scared to share, and without sharing theres no downloads

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    i share alot and i'm not scared ...will something better than kazaa lite come along?? it seems like what ever i try to download is either remotely queued or it needs more sources and theres 5 of the same exact file but for some strange reason it sees it as 5 separate files rather than 1 file with 5 users. its really annoying.

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    Cruise the forum. There r plenty of apps out there. Take some for a spin.
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