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Thread: The Future

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    Technology - Reuters

    Philips Creates Foldable Screens for E-Newspapers
    Mon Jan 26,11:01 AM ET Add Technology - Reuters to My Yahoo!

    AMSTERDAM (Reuters) - Dutch firm Philips Electronics said on Monday it was preparing to mass-produce a slim, book-sized display panel onto which consumers could download newspapers and magazines -- then roll up and put away.

    The 5-inch display, which can show detailed images, can be rolled up into a pen-sized holder. If connected to a mobile phone, it can also be used to download web pages, a book or email.

    Philips said it had created the displays using electronics circuits made of plastics, which power a monochrome display created with technology from E Ink, a privately-held U.S. company from Cambridge, Massachusetts.

    "We can produce this in batches. It's no longer a research project. We're going to build a pilot line that should be ready in 2005 to make one million displays a year," a spokesman at Philips Research said.

    Europe's largest maker of consumer electronics and lighting has already shown prototypes of a glass-based E Ink display which will be in the shops later this year. That sort of screen, used in pocket computers, can cost tens of dollars apiece.

    The price of the foldable display screens has not yet been set, but Philips said it would be in the range of current thin glass models. The new range will use much of the manufacturing technology already being used to make glass-based thin screens but is more adaptable to different surfaces, such as the dashboard of a car.


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    Very cool

    I wonder whether they will take off?

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    WoW thats a great news. i ll be waitin

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    Yeah apparently they are going to be used as a screen in cars, know the DVD players with 5.1 that you can get in cars, well them screens are going to be used for space saver, but also they are trying to increase the screen size.

    Kinda neat, seen one on the roadshow, but no realse date yet.

    Gonna cost a bomb i think

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    There's something better. It's called OLED (organic light emitting diode) technology.

    Nothing really new about them tho. Large scale production is just beginning.

    Don't think the downloading magazines and newspapers idea will take off.

    People, in general, like the tangible feel of a book, magazine or newspaper. Besides, other versions utilizing the "download/install and read" idea haven't worked in the past.

    They will be great for use with computers, for viewing television, watching movies and for use in vehicle installs. But, mainly as a space saver.

    Sadly, current flat screen technologies(LCD, plasma, et al) still show plenty of room for improvement.

    My .02 cents

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    looks sweet.

    P.S like the advatar above me


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