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Thread: Hardmule New P2p

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    1. Why is HARDMULE.COM so fast downloading?
    I invented the supersource these are a virtual community which want to upload to you. This commmunity is over all clients so usally every client who is able to upload to you will upload to you

    2. How can I make a supersource?
    Supersources will be created automatically by the HARDMULE.COM client

    3. How many SuperSources I can have
    In the transfer window you can see your actual SuperSources the numer you can create more and the speed you can create per hour

    4. Why are SuperSources going lower?
    Each time a SuperSource uploads to you about 9mb it will be deleted and is neutral (the mod will try to reactivate this source as a SuperSource later)
    When you finish a file some SuperSources are deactivated becuase they have only this file for you to upload

    5. When I restart my HARDMULE.COM are my SuperSources lost?
    No all SuperSources are stored and will be reloaded when you restart the HARDMULE.COM

    6. Is there anything I can do to make the SuperSources build faster?
    The only thing you can do is upload faster so try to find your maximum upload speed and enter this value in HARDMULE.COM as upload speed limit. You can try the included upload speed manager USS or even better when your windows pc is connected to a linux router enable traffic shaping at that linux router (this is the far best solution)

    7. What is the HARDMULE.COM community?
    When you cant build new SuperSources e.g. becuase you already have the maximum you will automatic upload to other HARDMULE.COM clients (they will upload to you too if they have free upload speed)

    8. Why there are fixed 5 upload slots?
    These ensure good averade upload speed and working for min. 50kb/s upload speed?
    If you have a bigger upload speed and have problem with this HARDMULE.COM client contact me.

    9. Damn this HARDMULE.COM kick ass give me the source?
    Until now I dont public release the source.

    10. Whats next with HARDMULE.COM?
    If you think there are real needed features who are missing tell me that.
    I will release new enhancements time after time
    In reserve I have some major stuff who will speed up the download about 50% more!

    11. Why is HARDMULE.COM banned on some forums and the dev baord?
    Because its downloading so extrem fast (LOL) and I dont release the source anymore!

    12. Is there a virus or trojan in the code?
    100% is the code secure and virus free
    If possible you can ask Pawico and Tarod
    You can turn on your firewall, virus scanner and file monitor if you want

    13. Is this a closed MOD or can I give it to my friends?
    Sure I made this HARDMULE.COM for everybody so be free to give it to your friends with the URL for this forum!

    14. Can I make advertising for HARDMULE.COM on other boards?
    Sure feel free to post everywhere where you like more is better?

    15. Is there a faster emule client out there?
    No I tweaked it to the limit right now HARDMULE.COM is the fastest worldwide

    16. Which settings I have to use?
    In the HARDMULE.COM release download I put in some 100% working settings with screenshot so you can just copy these just adjust it if you have a router or a smaller upload line

    17. Is the awesome speed only a short time?
    No by design of the HARDMULE.COM the speed is 24h a day kickass usally you are going to your download limit

    18. How fast can HARDMULE.COM download?
    For myself I can reach 170kb/s which is my speed limit
    With an better line I can reach upto 400kb/s

    19. Can the HARDMULE.COM be banned by other clients?
    No HARDMULE.COM uses stealth tech so it cant be detected by other clients!

    20. I have some questions can I ask you?
    First post all stuff in the german or english support forum.
    Usally there you get answers pretty fast?

    21. Come on I know you can do it better whats next?
    In Jan/Feb/Mar 2004 I will release "da bomb" (no questions about that right now)

    22. Can I use friends with HARDMULE.COM?
    HARDMULE.COM adds all community cleints to friend list automatic

    23. My download is still low how is this possible?
    Some ISP dont allow P2P so they limit speed on some ports
    You should try to use other ports for TCP and UDP (e.g. 6910 and 6920)

    24. Help my download is still slow!
    Even with SuperSource the HARDMULE.COM needs some time to activate all clients
    Later when the clients are activated you will have fast download all the time
    The Activation time can be upto 6 hours but usually you have full download after 60 minutes

    25. There are many HARDMULE.COM versions out there which is the best?
    I usally advance the HARDMULE.COM from one release to the next release to best is you should update too as soon I have releases the new client!

    26. I have nothing to download should I let the HARDMULE.COM running?
    Sure even when you have nothing to download HARDMULE.COM will reactivate old SuperSources and upload in the community so let your HARDMULE.COM run 24/7 if possible!

    27. Another HARDMULE.COM is uploading me via community how much MB i get?
    You are not limited if he has enough upload free he can send you hundreds of MB in one session!

    28. All SuperSources are the same?
    No to reactivate a SuperSource takes double time but you will get much more MB back as a fresh SuperSource

    29. Are there negative points when I want to use HARDMULE.COM?
    Sure, HARDMULE.COM downloads so fast you will have problems to look all the movies or play the games or burn the CDs

    30. Why HARDMULE.COM dont obey some of my settings in prefs?
    I hardcoded some settings which are needed for HARDMULE.COM?

    31. Why is my upload slow and the overhead so much when I start HARDMULE.COM?
    When HARDMULE.COM is starting I needs to check all connections sources and queue for possible SuperSources this can take some minutes after that everything should go back to normal levels.

    32. My upload stays slow all the time!
    Perhaps your overhead is too high you have too many downloads or too many sources.
    Try to reduce download and sources and tune the max connections down

    33. How much is the advantage I have form a SouperSource compared to a normal source?
    This depends on the clients its usually from 100% to 1000% bonus!

    34. What do you do against leecher mods?
    My mod defeats quite handy all types of leechers they dont get upload from HARDMULE.COM?

    37. Do you have plans for Kadmule?
    No I will not support it becuase of bigger traffic overhead!

    39. What is HARDMULE TIME MIN
    Here you can select if you want fast starting downloads or later starting downloads with maybe more speed

    40. Damn I have new downloads and it starts somewhat slow?
    Its good to keep many fresh common movies in your share dir to get a faster start!

    Superfast download
    build in community
    autocreation of SuperSources
    best possible used upload

    this mod is possible to download 170kb/s and more 90 min after start

    1. Pawcio Bandwidth Control (Tag: "Pawcio: BC") - tab "Bandwidht Control" in Preferences.
    Completly new upload/download system based on Maella (50 ms, packets splitting), ZZ (USS), and own ideas (DSS, ...) .
    -->A. Special algorithm for minimaliziation of opened slots (as an option: can be turn on/off by "Minimize number of opened slots" option)
    -->B. Bandwidth Setting in 0.1 kB increaments (Maella idea)
    -->C. Simplified options for USS and DSS(now you have to choose only the minimal upload/download and decide how much eMule should use your bandwidth - slider - no more need of % of lowest ping)
    -->D. Advanced option for USS and DSS (you can exactly choose what max ping should be and which server to ping)
    -->E. Auto managment of Max Connections and Max Connections per 5 second. If you set them too high BC can detect this(auto managment can be turn on/off by Manage of active connections)
    Info: BC changes only too high settings (when managment is turned on), if they are resonable, they won't be changed
    ---> F. Pinging through UDP thanks to Dong, so if your ISP is blocking ICMP traffic you can select "UDP Ping" in "Bandwidth control" tab and it should work (you need to open UDP outgoing port (default 33434) and have administrative right in Windows NT and XP pro). If UDP sending can't be used BC will automatically move on ICMP version.
    -->G. Possibility of "catching" whole eMule upstream/downstream within specified limits:
    -->--> I: eMule protocol, IP, TCP, UDP header overhead (option "Include Overhead")
    -->--> II: TCP connection negotiations (option "Include connections overhead") - empiric calculations
    -->--> III: TCP acknowledge packets (option "Include TCP Ack") - empiric (doesn't not take account of RWIN size - only 2.5% of stream)
    -->H. Cumulate upload bandwidth to certain slots (as an option - "Cumulate Bandwitdth for upload slots") - idea of ZZ:SlotFocus
    -->I. "Session up:down 1:4 limit" from Morph Next.
    -->J. Status of USS and DSS (working, preparing, etc) and all limits (up, down) can be seen on Bandwidth Control Tab (you can enter any value in Connection tab but limits of ratio are preserved, you can see them on Status on Bandwidth Control Tab)
    -->K. There is new type of clients: Clients on reserved upload list (ready in any time to start upload):
    -->--> - when "Minimize number of opened slots" is not selected, reserved client is added when client on upload queue is just ending its session (so reserved client is able to prepare before taking the freed slot - no delays)
    -->--> - when "Minimize number of opened slots" is selected, there is quantified number of reserved clients (algorithm in CUploadQueue::AcceptToReserve)
    -->--> - when "Cumulate Bandwidth for upload slots" is selected, reserved clients are very similar to Trickle Slots in ZZUL (so there is rotation between upload queue and reserved upload queue)
    -->L. Blue lines added to graphs (in Statistic Window) showing whole current upload and download (with whole overhead)

    When "Include connection overhead" is selected you have to set minimum 11kB/s (instead of 10kB/s) for upload limit to have unlimited download, and minimum 3.5 kB/s (instead of 3kB/s) to have 4x ratio.
    When "Include TCP Ack" is selected Session up:down ratio (ZZ:RATIO from MorphNext) is forced. All limits you can see on Status - Bandwidth Control.

    2. Features for RELEASERS:
    - Power Sharing from ZZ (safe MorphKad 0.4 implementation). File in Power Shared mode is automatically uploaded with full chunks, regardless what you set in preference.
    - HideOS / Selective Chunk Sharing from SF-IOM mod
    - HideOS value and Selective chunk per file basis. Every file can have it's own values (right click on file in Shared Files window), so released files can have HideOS value 1 and Selective Chunk enabled (as Slugfiller recommends) and normal files default value (5)
    - Parts Selector - manually choose which parts are Enabled/Disabled (from Plus mod) or Auto managed (Auto means HideOS). Manually enabling/disabling works only for completed files and in power shared mode. Like in HideOS, if you block a part, but user can't take any other, the part is automatically unblocked for this user (so you won't become NSS for him).
    - Inteligent Chunk Selection from enkeyDev! - to avoid two or more users choose to download the same chunk, ECS relies only on randomness: users choose randomly *hoping* to choose a different chunk each; in ICS users exchange infos about what chunk is being downloaded ATM, then a user can choose the less-downloaded (priority: spread the file faster); in ICS the user preference "first/last chunk" take importance only when there are NO rare chunks (priority: spread the file); With ICS, the same situation is a release-mode one, then you will choose the shortest-to-complete chunk that is not being downloaded ATM by any other client. This increase the probability you and the other clients would have downloaded different chunks and keep (globally) a complete source for the file, though a couple of sources quit...
    - Detail view of parts spreading with double click on file in shared files window

    3. Release Window by IceBreak - access to news, releases from eMule!

    4. Antivirus Check from The Black Hand mod - scan for viruses just completed files! (configuration in "Extended Settings" in Preferences)

    5. Tray menu from eMule Plus mod with fast access to Upload Speed Sense (USS) and Download Speed Sense (DSS) options. (tag Pawcio: TrayMenu)

    6. Anti-Leecher and Anti-Credits-Thefs feature from Morph Next mod (Can be enabled/disabled in "Extended settings" in "Preferences")

    7. USS and DSS now in Scheduler.

    8. PNR (Partfile Name Recovery) from enkeyDev! This feature writes and keeps updated the file "config\PNRecovery.dat" that will help you recover files when you lose the ".met". For each record in the file, the part number, ed2k link and file name are saved in fixed lenght format.

    9. EDT (Estimate Download Time) from enkeyDev&#33; (option in Extended Settings - for slow CPU <600MHz it&#39;s recommended to turn off) This works only between EDT compatible versions. It lets you known how much it will take to download from a specific source and is updated every reask (as the QR). The requester can see the EDT in "Remaining" column. The provider can see EDT for enqueued clients in their details window (N.S. means EDT "Not Supported" by that client). To have a reliable statistic, EDT performs no estimation until about 30 clients start download (and that can take very much). Anyway this is VERY experimental. Do not take EDT for an oracle, if the provider changes a file priority or shares another file or a million other things, your EDT changes consequently&#33;

    10. Save Upload Queue Waiting Time (SUQWT) by Moonlight. - save each upload queue client&#39;s wait time when it exits the upload queue and restore it the next time said client comes back in the queue

    11. AutoPriority based on Valid Sources from Sivka (AutoHL) - on hard limit column you can see Valid Sources/Hard Limit; - variable Hard Limit with auto-function (50...1000, in-/decrease depend on priority of DL-file); - updating of Hard Limit is depended on Timer value; - Hard Limit per file will be initiate with value from usual used Hard Limit in preferences; - You can enter manually Hard Limit for individual files (right click - menu Sivka - AutoHardLimit)

    12. Active Connection Control by Obelix - option in Extended Settings

    13. Merge Known - saves statistics also for not completed files (from SF-IOM mod)

    14. Drop High Queue Rate sources - usefull for 56K users (for others rather not because with time flow, queue ranks are decreasing). Drop is done the same way as original clients drops FullQ and NSS (can be enabled/disabled in "Extended settings" in "Preferences")

    15. Winsock2 by eWombat

    16. Toolbar from Kademlia client - you can use now skins&#33;

    17. New Credits (as an option in "Extended Settings" - "Pawcio Credits"):
    - Range from 1.0 to 100.0
    - Multiplier of 3 (instead of 2) ---- ratio = 3 * downloaded / uploaded
    - For new clients (downloaded and uploaded data less than 1MB) ratio = 3.0 (instead of 1.0)
    - If you have recieved more than 1MB from someone but haven&#39;t given anything back user gets ratio = 10.0 * recieved in MB (but not more than 100.0)
    - Small bonus for clients that have given you many MB:
    - if you get 100MB then user recieve ratio = 50.0 till you give back 108MB
    - 50MB - ratio = 25.0 - 55MB
    - 25MB - ratio = 12.0 - 28MB
    - 9MB - ratio = 5.0 - 12MB

    18. High priority process for eMule form MorphKad - option in Extended Settings

    19. See own comments in Shared Files window from MorphKad

    20. Mod version (partially form The Black Hand mod) - see what mods are using other users

    21. Configuration of MSS in Connection Tab (from Morph Next and LSD mod)

    22. Reconnect on LowID in Server Tab (by Tarod) thanks to WiRAHA

    23. Code fixes:
    - Maella fixes for Sockets
    - fix in CUploadQueue::AddClientToQueue()
    - fix in CUpDownClient::unzip()
    - fix in CUpDownClient::TryToConnect()

    Short guide (recommended settings):
    USS/DSS Group:
    - deselect "Max ping allowed"
    - URL to ping - select Auto
    - select options: "Minimize number of opened slots", "Cumulate bandiwidth...", "Include overhead", "Manage of active connections", "Include connection overhead".
    - use slider (above "Max ping allowed" or on TrayMenu) to find best surfing experience.

    Limits in USS group:
    1. for T-DSL 768/128 (mostly Germany)
    - Min upload - 11
    - Max upload - 16
    - deselect "Session up:down limit" and "Include TCP Ack packets"

    2. for T-DSL 1536/256 (mostly Germany)
    Min upload - 14
    Max upload - 30
    - deselect "Session up:down limit" and "Include TCP Ack packets"

    3. for 512/128 (mostly France, Poland)
    Min upload - 8
    Max upload - 15
    - select "Session up:down limit" and "Include TCP Ack packets"

    Description of "Bandwidth Control" tab:
    USS (Upload Speed Sense) Group:
    USS (work of ZZ ) and DSS dynamically finds current, best upload/downlaod rate from the range of "Min upload/download in kB/s" and "Max upload/download in kB/s". "Max upload/download in kB/s" can be found automatically by selecting "Auto" box. USS/DSS lower the upload/download when other applications are using your connection or when mule is downloading very fast (lowering upload - important for ADSL user when download can be limited by upload). The key of USS/DSS to work is pinging a host. SS can find the proper host to ping for you (just select "Auto" box, on the right of "URL/IP to ping:" input box). If searching fails (very rearly) it uses host given in "URL/IP to ping". If you know which host to ping
    unselect "Auto" box and input own address. By pinging, USS/DSS gets replies from host and on this basis it knows what to do (increase or decrease current upload/download). USS/DSS has to have a value to comapre with received respons from host, this value is "Max ping allowed". It would be the best if you could know what is proper ping for your connection (if you know, then select "Max ping allowed" box and input it). If you don&#39;t know, do not select "Max ping allowed" box, instead use intuitive slider above (it will find the proper ping for on the base of lowest ping calculated during preparation of USS/DSS). When you move slider on the left upload/download will be lower but you can surf the net easily, on the right - opposite behaviour.

    Minimize number of opened slots - when this option is selected eMule will open less slots than original if it is possible (if less users can take more bandwidth). It means that the chunks will arrive faster to users.

    Cumulate bandwidth for upload slots (idea of ZZ: Slot Focus - but a bit diffrent) - when this option is not selected eMule tries to upload to all users on upload queue with the same speed. Selecting this option is causing that eMule always upload to one user (Priority client - no matter wheter he has slow or fast connection) and then rest bandwidth gives for the fastest users (faster spread of chunks). Priority client is always client which was first on upload queue (stayed the longest), thanks to this for every client ("fast", "slow") will be a turn to get data.

    Session up:down limit (1:4) (idea of ZZ, changed by MorphNext) - instead of 1:3 and 1:4 ratio for download (or unlimited when upload higher than 10) there is limit 1:4 for session. As long as you have downloaded less than 4 times the amount you uploaded (or you are uploading higher than 10kB/s) the limit of download is the same as value entered in "Connection tab" (so it can be unlimited). When you have downloaded more - the download is limited to preserve 1:4 session ratio.

    Include overhead - eMule upload not only file data. It comunicates with other users (queue ranks, names of files, hashes, etc), server. If you want this upload/download can be included within limits defined in "Connection" tab or USS/DSS.

    Manage of active connection - when this option is selected and you have too high values of "Max connections" and "Max connections per 5 sec for your connection, they will be adjusted automatically when needed.

    Include connection overhead - not only eMule communicates between users, system and network layer also (on diffrent level). This system communication can take a lot of bandwidth especially when sorces are loaded (SLS system, or a file with a lot sources from server). It&#39;s almost impossible to calculate this overhead exactly, but an approximate is acceptable. You can include this overhead within upload/download limits (USS/DSS or "Connection tab"). Keep in mind that to have the unlimited download or 1:4 ratio with this option selected the limits for upload were chaned:
    - unlimited download needs minimum 11kB/s upload instead of 10
    - 1:4 ratio needs minimum 3.5 kB/s upload instead of 3

    Include TCP Ack Packets - every data received needs to be acknowledged (it is TCP ACK packet), so it&#39;s generating upstream. The amount of overhead is hardly to calculate exactly, it depends on many settings (e.g RWIN). But as with "Include connection overhead" some approximation can be done (64kB/s downstream needs circa 1.5kB/s upstream). You can include this overhead within upload limits but then Session up:down limit (1:4) is enforced.

    Status Group:
    Here you can see what&#39;s happening with USS/DSS, what are the limits of download (limited by settings described above - so you don&#39;t have to calculate them) and what host is pinged. USS/DSS can be Disabled / Preparing / Succesfull / Failed.[/SIZE]

    Visit for more info & download

  2. File Sharing   -   #2
    AFAIK this is bad for the network. Not sure ifs a leechmod.

  3. File Sharing   -   #3
    I believe this one is banned from the official eMule forum, and from that I conclude that it&#39;s a leecher mod and bad for the network.

  4. File Sharing   -   #4
    its definitely filtered out anyway.

  5. File Sharing   -   #5
    kAb's Avatar Poster
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    Dec 2002
    looks like the guy who wrote the program is a moron also.

    "9. Damn this HARDMULE.COM kick ass give me the source?
    Until now I dont public release the source."

    wtf does that mean?

  6. File Sharing   -   #6
    Hardmule 2004w03 bin

    dispay of score boost in upload queue
    dispay of QR in upload queue
    display of UP/DL in upload queue
    auto queue full for all non boostable clients
    upload queue now free of bad clients
    tweaked source handling now upload should start faster

    reconnect on low ID is is now forced
    source handling
    score bonus displayed on sources
    upload queue filter
    all settings selectable now
    delayed SuperSources creating (option) (delay upload to clients who never uploaded)
    max scorebonus of a client is about 220%
    upload is now more fair distributed

    Various bugfix
    max scorebonus of a client is about 220%
    upload is now more fair distributed

    connections are now high in normal mode and low in min overhead mode
    status line displays now usable sources und supersources
    new ipfilter.dat

    fixed selectable queuesize
    serverless mode (just dont connect)

    slots are now opened with no delay so ready for high speed upload
    now with forced weak community 1:2 that meany you will upload 2:1 if possible to a community member
    any leeching client will be dropped from HARDMULE.COM and cannot come back

  7. File Sharing   -   #7
    Originally posted by sarefin@3 February 2004 - 03:48
    any leeching client will be dropped from HARDMULE.COM and cannot come back
    Well, ain&#39;t that the pot calling the kettle black.
    My Best Quality Movies My Live Concerts [url='[/url]

  8. File Sharing   -   #8
    no honour among thieves......literally.

  9. File Sharing   -   #9

    9. Damn this HARDMULE.COM kick ass give me the source?
    Until now I dont public release the source.
    Does this mean the source code is out now ?

    Damn this HARDMULE.COM kick ass
    You sound very professional there. A real serious programmer there.

  10. File Sharing   -   #10
    I dont care what sort of leeching this client does, all I know is that my downloads are getting faster cause its bumping me to the top of the other peoples queues (or so I think), my shares are still going out so Im happy

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