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Thread: Need 4 Speed Underground

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    I just downloaded it. I unaced and unziped it. Then i ran Setup.bat. After that i ran speed.exe. The screen just turned black and stayed like that for 10 seconds. I think there was supposed to be a movie or something. After the 10 second the game closed and it was back to the desktop.

    i have Dell Dimension 8100
    640 MB Ram
    Pentium 4
    NVIDIA GeForce2 MX/MX 400

    I downloaded the Command and Conquer rip a while back. When i tried to play it the game's background was all black. Maybe the problem is connected somehow.

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    Dell Dimension 8100 doesn't help... at all. What CPU speed?

    Did the setup bat work ok?

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    its ok...thanks for all your help


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